What is SQL Server?

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SQL Stands for Structured Query Language. It is a Relational Database Management System that is developed and marketed by Microsoft.

SQL Server uses Transact-SQL or T-SQL to interact with the database. Here our main purpose is to learn about T-SQL Language. We are dividing T-SQL Commands into three categories

  1. DDL ( Data Definition Language)
  2. DML ( Data Manipulation Language)
  3. TCL ( Transaction Control Language)

DDL – Data Definition Language

DDL Commands are used to edit or create database objects in the database. Followings are DDL Commands

  • Create: Create a new new object within the database or create a new database.
  • Alter: Edit the existing objects in the database.
  • Drop: We use drop command to delete any object in the database.
  • Truncate: It deletes all data within a table and reset it as a new table.

DML – Data Manipulation Language

Data manipulation language commands are used to deal with all the contents of a database. It is used to delete, store, or edit the existing data in the database. Followings are the DML Commands

  • Insert: It stores or sends new data into the database tables.
  • Delete: Deletes the existing data from the table.
  • Update: It updates the existing data within the database table.
  • Select: It retrieved data from single or multiple tables.

TCL – Transaction Control Language

There are sometimes when an admin is responsible for data loss during processing on power cut off, so he/she should create a technique to ensure data security while processing large amounts of data. The technique is called transactions that process multiple queries at once.

  • Commit: Save all data processes after transactions
  • Roll Bank: Redo the process or don’t save the last process or transaction.
  • Save Transaction: Sets a savepoint within a transaction

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