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What is programming?

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It took me many years to understand a very basic concept “What is programming?” Many people have defined it in many places with a different concept, everyone defines what he/she has understood it. I am also one of them as I am going to define programming as I understand and have understood after many years of development.

In order to understand programming, there are some factors to understand before understanding it.

What is the instruction?

Think of a computer as a robot that works on human commands. It replies or does any task whenever a human passes an instruction. like sit, eat, sleep, jumps, etc..

An instruction is a task, an order, or process to the microprocessor to perform any specific task.

What is a program?

A program is a logical pattern of instructions to solve a problem or a set of instructions or a set of well-defined instructions to perform any task.

What is programming?

Programming refers to the creation of a list of stored instructions that tell the computer what to do. We can refer to programming as problem-solving. A technique to solve any problem. I have mentioned technique here as most people are getting confused between coding and programming and there is a big difference between coding vs programming. As we are discussing programming, it is more technique or algorithms then coding. Coding is a part of programming that comes after designing algorithms and flow charts.

While discussing or learning about the programming we mostly discuss algorithms, techniques, or steps to solve any problem. A person that only does coding is a coder “Cowboy Coder” not a programmer.

What is a programming language?

Media of communication between Human and Machine( Computer). Computers are machines that only understand 0s and 1s of binary numbers. In order to make machines understand our instructions, we should talk their language or use some sort of medium to translate our language or instructions to them, and here is when the role of programming languages comes.

These languages provide us a plate form to describe the job of a computer through instructions.

We can divide programming languages into two categories

  1. High-level languages or Problem-oriented languages
  2. Low-level languages or Machine oriented languages

High-Level Languages

  • High-Level Languages give better coding efficiency, i.e. faster program development.
  • These languages are human-readable as it is coded in English.
  • It is easy to work with a high-level language.
  • Easy to write a program in a high-level language.
    • Cobol, Fortran, Java, Visual Basic, PHP, Python
  • Slower than a low-level language

Fortran and Cobol

  • FORTRAN stands for formula translation
    • Used to design applications to solve scientific problems
  • COBOL stands for Common Business Oriented Language
    • It was used to design applications for businesses and banks to generate invoices, keep records of inventory and generate reports, etc.

Low-level languages

  • These languages give better machine efficiency, i.e. faster execution.
  • These languages are based on machine code
  • Also called the language of the microprocessor.
  • Hard to learn and write a program in a low-level language.

Machine Language

  • A language that is directly understandable by machines
  • A machine language consists of 1 and 0
  • It does not need any kind of translater or compiler
  • Very tough to learn and code

Programming Collaboration

Today programming has contributed much to our life. We are living with codes actually we are surrounded by algorithms, logic, and codes everywhere. From the digital wall clock in our bedroom to the photocopier machine in our office, everything is programmed.


In the last few decades, the importance of coding has increased due to artificial intelligence built inside the most complex air crafts, robots as well as IOT (internet of things).

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