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What is C Language?

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What is C Language?

C is a high-level language but sometimes it is also called mid-level language as it combines the virtues of high-level programming languages with the efficiency of assembly languages. Using C programmers can directly manipulate bits of data inside the processing unit. As a result C programs run significantly faster than programs written in other languages. That is why it is often called a middle-level language.

A brief history of C Language

C came into being in the years 1969-1973, in parallel with the early development of the Unix operating system by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Laboratory.

The C Family Tree

  • C evolved into a language, it did not simply appear
  • C has many descendants
    • Concurrent C, Objective C, C++, C#
    • C++ is an object-oriented derivative of C with “classes“, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, data hiding, reusability, etc.

A basic C Language Coding

#include <stdio.h> 
void main(void) 
printf(“Code Modes!\n”); 

Output is:

Code Modes !

What’s happening here?

  • #include <stdio.h> The preprocessor directive includes the standard I/O library
  • void main(void) Defines the start of the program
  • { An opening curly brace defines the beginning of the function
  • printf(“Code Modes!\n”); The printf statement prints the text on the screen
  • } A closing curly brace defines the end of the function

Why Learn C Language?

C has very strict rules and regulations. In order to learn the C , one should follow all rules and regulations, even if you miss a single comma there will be a syntax error, therefore, by learning the C you will be able to switch to any programming either python or java or even web languages.

Where can I code C?

There are many types of IDE you can use for your coding. Turbo C, Dev C++, Visual Studio, or even notepad.

You can learn about C more from C documentation.

How to install Dev C++ The easy way

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