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What is a Comment?

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Comments are an important part of any program. They help person writing a program and anyone else who must read the source file, understand what’s going on .

The compiler ignores comments so they can be read by humans but are invisible to the compiler

Comments start with a slash-asterisk “ / * “  and ends with an asterisk-slash “ */ “.

Some comments on comments

  • Comments are delimited by `/*’ (slash-star) and `*/ (star-slash)’.
  • Any text between the first `/*’ and the next `*/’ is ignored by the compiler, irrespective of the position of line breaks.
  • Comments can span multiple lines.
  • Any string of symbols placed between the delimiters /* and */
  • Comments can’t be nested (be careful!)

Here are some examples of valid comments.

/* This is a comment */
/* here is another one
   that spans two lines */ 
i = /* a big number */ 123456;  
i = 123456; /* a comment starts here i = i + 2; this statement is also part        of the comment */ 

Example 1:

#include <stdio.h>
in this example we find out the area of a circle whose radius is 2.5
and this example shows how to use single and multi line comments
void main(void)
   float pi=3.1416; 
   float rad=2.5;
   float area=pi*rad*rad;  // this formula denotes the area of a circle
   printf("The area of a circle is %f",area);

Comments in C

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