C Language Work Environment

Setup C Language Work Environment

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Work environment means to create a comfortable and easy to work in environment by installing the important applications needed. So we are going to do this step by step!

  1. Check Your Windows Version
    • Press Windows Key + D to view desktop if the desktop is not visible
    • Right-click on My Computer Icon
    • Go to properties
    • Check if it is 64 bit- Operating System or 32-bit Operating System
My Computer Properties
My Computer Properties, System Properties

In Case of 32 bit Operating System

Turbo C 3.0

After Installing Turbo C there will be a folder in C: called tc

  1. Press Window + R to start run command or you can run from the start menu
  2. type cd\ and enter
  3. cd tc
  4. cd bin
  5. tc
  6. Enter
Turbo C IDE
Turbo C IDE

After pressing Enter the Turbo C window will open click on File and Create New File then press F2 to save by name of ‘AnyName.C’. Remember .C is must


And the other option is to download Dev Cpp and start your code.

In Case of 64 bit Operating System

In the case of the 64-bit operating system, there are two options.

  1. Download Dos box and run your Turbo C
  2. Download and Install Dev Cpp

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