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Identifier and Keyword in C Language

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What is an identifier?

An identifier is a name used for a variable, function, data definition, etc. Here are some examples of legal identifiers:

  • i
  • count
  • max_length

In order to recall a memory space or value of memory during programming, we should assign some kind of address or name to that value therefore we use identifiers.

What is a Keyword

A keyword is a reserved word that cannot be used as an identifier as the keywords are the building blocks of the language itself.

Reserved keywords

There are some reserved keywords that can not be used as an identifier in C Language.

auto  double   int  struct break   else   long   switch

case   enum   register   typedef char   extern   return   union

const   float   short   unsigned continue   for   signed   void

default   goto   sizeof   volatile do   if   static   while

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