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What is a front-end web developer?

What is front end web developer or who are front-end, web developers? They are programmers or developers that develop front-end visual elements. Visual elements that the end-users mostly interact with such as a website’s grids, pictures, icons, fonts, elements animations, forms, client-side scripting to make process on client’s machines, etc.

Front-end web developers also focus on making the websites faster, user-friendly, and SEO-friendly. They have good communication with back-end developers as they are responsible for the websites’ structure.

The purpose of writing this article is to make it easy for students to prepare themselves for a job.

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What skills are required for Front End Web Developer?

(The following statistics is collected from the most popular job markets by CodeModes -Based on 50 different Job Posts)

For each skill, the percentage is given which shows the importance of that skill in the job. It does not mean that the skills with a lower percentage are not important, but it depends on the software houses and what technologies they are working on.

Technologies Required Requirement Percentage
HTML /HTML 5 12.60
CSS / CSS3 12.60
Javascript 12.60
AJAX 5.51
ReactJS 4.72
Jquery 3.94
Adobe Suite 3.94
Angular JS 3.94
Bootstrap 3.94
Saas/Less 3.15
JSON 3.15
Node JS 2.36
VueJS 2.36
SEO 2.36
SQL 2.36
DustJS 1.57
WordPress 1.57
Vanila 1.57
XML 1.57
Git 1.57
Redux 1.57
Mura 0.79
Coldfusion 0.79
Krux 0.79
Google DFP 0.79
Google Tag Manager 0.79
Visual Studio 0.79
Express.js 0.79
ESLint 0.79
Babel.js 0.79
JSDOC 0.79
PostgreSQL  0.79
MongoDB 0.79
MVC 0.79
Knockout 0.79
Front End Web Developer

What are front-end web developers’ duties and responsibilities?

The followings are the duties and responsibilities for a front-end web developer that are collected from current job markets. The followings are a list of duties and responsibilities for front end web developer.

  • Provide and support technical leadership within the team.
  • Should be comfortable with other programmer’s existing code.
  • Should be able to optimize existing code
  • Turn project mock-ups and designs into functioning templates.
  • Maintain site updates, fixing and troubleshooting front-end bugs, and improving performance.
  • Edit pictures and videos using adobe suites.
  • Technical writing, outlining instructions and defining objectives transparently
  • Planning, estimating, outlining, problem-solving and critical thinking of projects and requests
  • Develop standards and guidelines to guide the use and acquisition of software and to protect vulnerable information.
  • Incorporate technical considerations into web sites design plans, such as performance requirements, or legal issues including accessibility and privacy.
  • Conduct technical design reviews.
  • Train users and answer questions.
  • Audit projects to ensure best practices are followed.
  • Recommend strategic code-sharing opportunities.
  • Analyze and understand business needs.
  • Build reusable code and libraries for future use.
  • Optimize application for maximum speed and scalability.
  • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders.
  • Should be able to Convert PSD to HTML

Difference Between Senior vs Junior Front End Web Developer

Junior front-end developers mostly work on the structure of websites and technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, ReactsJS, Bootstrap, cms like WordPress and Joomla, etc. Senior front-end web developers should have complete knowledge of web architecture and technologies, as well as their job, become more specific on technology such as more knowledge and experience of advanced javascript libraries.

Front End Web Developer Degree Requirement

Bachelor degree in CS, IT, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering or similar degree

Front End Web Developer without a degree

Small software Houses such as Softnat Technologies or others may hire Front End Web Developers on the basis of a Diploma and experience but Big software houses may not hire someone without a degree. As big software houses do not have time to study the talent inside you. The first formality is having a bachelor’s degree.

Front End Web Developer vs Front End Web Designer

Front End Web Designers mostly work on the look and feel of websites to design new sites or converting existing ones. Programming concept is good to have as a web designer but it is not important.

Front End Web Designers focus on the following technologies

  • adobe suites such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
  • creating website mockups
  • converting PSD to HTML
  • converting existing sites designs
  • bootstrap
  • cms like WordPress and Joomla
  • should have basic knowledge of javascript

Front End Web Developers Salary

According to the Payscale website, Front End Web Developer’s salary is $74,072/year in the united states which is a little bit higher than in Asian countries like Pakistan and India.

FrontEndDeveloper Salary

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