Basic POS Project

Free Desktop POS Project Source Code

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Free Desktop POS Project Source Code

As CodeModes States that you can find free projects here. Here you go a very basic and free POS (Point Of Sales) software for you as sample project where you can edit and publish as your premium application.

This project is based on windows form and c sharp. It is a very basic POS(Point of Sale) software project. This project is good for beginners who are trying to learn c sharp and windows form programming and this might help him/her.

What I Can Learn From This Project

You will learn

  • How to connect to Local DB with c#
  • CRUD( create, read, update and delete) in C#
  • Uses of Windows Form
  • Uses of Classes and Objects
  • Creating Custom Dialog Boxes
    • Error Boxes
    • Message Boxes
    • Selecting Date
    • Selecting Month
    • Get Text
  • Uses of static variables to store values
  • Uses of RDLC Reports
  • Uses of User Controls

What includes in Project File

  • Database: The project database is based on Local Database or .sdf file and uses Visual Studio 2010 or 2012 to open this project.
  • An exe or setup file to install the project
  • A complete project

How to use the project

  1. The project connection string states that
    • con = new SqlCeConnection(@"Data Source=D:\PointOfSale_DataBase\Database1.sdf; max database size=4091");
    • so you have to create a folder ‘ PointOfSale_DataBase’ in D: and paste the ‘ Database1.sdf ‘ there
    • or you can edit your connection string path according to the location of the database

Term of using the project and the License

  1. It is free to download and use for any purpose.
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