C Language Tutorial

C Language is a high-level language but sometimes it is also called mid-level language as C combines the virtues of high-level programming languages with the efficiency of assembly languages. Using C programmers can directly manipulate bits of data inside the processing unit. As a result C programs run significantly faster than programs written in other languages. That is why it is often called a middle-level language.

Course Table of Contents

  1. Setup C language work environment.
  2. What is Programming?
  3. What is C Language?
  4. Defining Variables and Constants in C.
  5. Difference Between Identifiers and Keywords in C.
  6. Variables and Naming Rules in C.
  7. Local vs Global Variables.
  8. Variable Decleration and Initialization.
  9. What is Data Type in C?
  10. What is Comment in C Language?
  11. Escape Sequences With Example in C Language
  12. Integers in C Language.
  13. What is integer overflow?
  14. What are floating-point numbers?
  15. Char data type in c.
  16. What is Expression?
  17. Operators in C Language.
  18. Printf() function in c.
  19. Scanf() function in c.
  20. Conditional Expression in c.
  21. If condition in c
  22. Switch statement in c
  23. What is a loop?
  24. For loop in c.
  25. Nested for loop in c.
  26. While loop in c.
  27. Do while loop in c.
  28. Define a function in c. or what is a function in c?
  29. What is a function prototype in c?
  30. Function definition.
  31. Function Call.
  32. Function Parameters.
  33. Function return statement.
  34. Function recursion or Recursive function in c.
  35. What is an array in c?
  36. Array initialization.
  37. What is an array subscript?
  38. Multidimensional Arrays
  39. How to pass an array to a function?
  40. What is a pointer in C?
  41. Pointer Function, Array and String.
  42. What is the structure in C?
  43. What is structure-function, structure-array and structure-pointer?
  44. What is a union in C?
  45. String in C?
  46. Graphics in C?
  47. Graphics function in C.
  48. Filing in C.

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